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Be advised that Mt. McKinley Bank does not communicate with customers via text. There is a current scam happening that appears to be from us but it is NOT. The scammers are attempting to steal your online credentials. Please delete the message.

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Message from our President & CEO, Patty Mongold:

The financial news of the past several days has been disheartening and I am sure is causing many people to pause and think about whether or not their money is safe.

As a community banker, it is troubling to me that these events that happen thousands of miles away have an impact on us here in the interior of Alaska. I want to assure you that unlike the two banks who failed recently, Mt. McKinley Bank does not have any loans to venture capital firms. We have loans out to local Alaskans, businesses, and individuals we know. In addition, we have no investments in cryptocurrency.

We take pride in our relationship-based business model focused on building long-term trust with our customers.

We are nothing like those banks who failed. We have always been conservative in our lending practices and will continue to do business in that manner. We rely on our core deposits for funds to lend. That means deposits from our customers are turned into loans. This type of funding has always been considered safe and secure.

As a community bank, Mt. McKinley Bank remains well capitalized and well positioned to continue to serve our customers and community. We were chartered 57 years ago and expect to serve this community for generations to come.

If you are considering putting your money into a bank online or through one of the non-bank providers, please do your research. Community banks, by nature, do not take on unreasonable levels of risk and exposure. We live and work in the communities we serve, taking local deposits and making local loans while properly managing our risk so that we remain safe and sound in any environment.

If you have continuing questions, call us directly at 907-452-1751. We are here for you.

Patty Mongold
President & CEO


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