Home Mortgages

No one in Fairbanks offers a larger selection of mortgage loan types than we do.

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  • Construction - We make loans to contractors, owners with a general contractor and, if you have the ability, we allow you to act as your own contractor
  • Non-conforming - We make loans on properties that most other lenders will not
  • Land
  • Conventional - We offer these programs through Fannie Mae
  • FHA - Federal Housing Administration offers lower down payments and more flexible qualifying
  • VA - If you're a veteran, this program offers zero down and easy qualifying
  • AHFC - Alaska Housing Finance Corporation offers some outstanding loan programs including:

    • First Time Homebuyers
    • Vietnam Era Veterans Preference
    • Energy Efficient New Home Rate Reduction
    • Rate Reductions for Energy Improvements
    • Low-to-Moderate Income Rate Reduction
    • Rural Programs
    • Purchase Rehab Loans

These are only some of the loan programs we offer. See one of our loan officers to determine which one may best meet your needs. Call 907-452-1751 for more information or click here to apply online! You may also complete our Mortgage Loan Application and, if needed, the Apply for Joint Credit Affidavit then bring them to your appointment.

For more information on purchasing a home see Shopping for Your Home Loan, see the CFPB Home Loan Tool Kit..

If you have questions or comments about obtaining a mortgage loan, please contact a mortgage loan officer at 907-452-1751 or inquire via e-mail.

Construction Loans

At Mt. McKinley Bank, we know that every construction project is unique and our construction staff will do their best to make sure that your needs are taken care of.  With our many years of construction lending experience, we can give you the tools to aid you in the process of building your house responsibly.  We have worked with many Fairbanks contractors and subcontractors, as well as other 3rd party vendors that you might need along the way. 

We have over 40 years of construction lending experience in the Fairbanks area and will be happy to discuss your plans and answer any questions you may have regarding financing your construction project.  Typical construction loans have terms of 18 months and require an initial 25% down payment or comparable equity in the project.  Once your project is complete, we will help you find a long-term loan that best suits your needs.

When it’s all said and done, you can be confident that you are working with local people who know the area and the construction needs specific to the interior of Alaska.

Below is information and some forms that will assist you during the construction phase and mortgage process.

If you have questions or comments about obtaining a construction loan, please contact us at 907-452-1751 or via e-mail.